Free Resume Hosting

BlueBotPC offers Free Resume Hosting for our Friends, Family, Customers, and Community Members. If you are intereted in the exmaples below, feel free to reach out and we can get you set-up!

Online Examples

Resume Deployment Proccess

  1. Fork online-cv
  2. Name the new repo fname-lname-resume
  3. Clone repo onto Development PC
  4. Open Powershell in new repo
  5. bundle exec jekyll serve
  6. Browse to to view live changes.
  7. Edit repo content until satisfied.
  8. Push repo into BlueBotPC GitHub as Public
  9. Create Application in Cloudflare
  10. Select newly created repo.
  11. Post Deplyment, Change ENV variables to Versaion 1
  12. Redeploy
  13. Create CNAME
  14. Validate

Resume Service Facts

  • Hosted on Cloudflare Edge Network
  • No Backend Services
  • Updates Pushed Daily
  • No Uptime Policy - Expect 99.9%