IT Repair Process

This document is applicable to IT Repair work that is performed on our repair bench in New Salem, ND.

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  1. Drop-Off / Free Consultation: We visually inspect your computer for damage, talk to you about your experience, and perform basic troubleshooting.
  2. Ticket Creation
  3. Troubleshooting Desk: Device undergoes a full software/hardware diagnostics workflow to ensure we identify and resolve the root cause.
  4. Repair and Verify
  5. Return to Customer Device is removed from inventory, payment is processed, and receipt is given.
  6. Ticket Closed

What We Need From You?

  • Anything you think might help; including your power adapter if it is a laptop or all-in-one PC.
  • Your login credentials - If you have BitLocker or any passwords set on the computer (BIOS, login, etc.) please provide these (all of them).
  • A complete problem description with as much detail as possible so our Technicians can get to work on it quickly without having to ask for more information.

Mail-In Orders

Please Open a Support Ticket and provide an accurate Incoming Tracking Number. Approximate Turn-Around Time is 3 Business Days

IT Repair Hours

Monday - Friday 10AM - 4PM
Saturday 11AM - 5PM
Sunday Closed
Holidays Closed

Price Schedule

Service Rate
Consultation Free
Memory Installation $20
Standard Hourly Rate $50
Business Hourly Rate $80
Hardware Upgrade $50/Hour
Air-Cooled Full-Build $160
Water AIO Full-Build $200
Virus Removal $100
Laptop Screen Replacement $165*

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Nikon Camera Services

We enjoy photography as well! That is why we offer services to help maintain your Nikon camera. Whether you have a DSLR D-series or a Mirrorless Z-series we help keep each picture as sharp as the first! All Nikon Camera Services are completed same-day!

Service Fixed Cost
Firmware Update $35
Cropped Sensor Cleaning $40
Full-Frame Sensor Cleaning $60