VPS Features

All of this is included to ensure your business critical web servers remain available, secure, and operating at peak performance!

Data Center Partner

Linode Solutions Partner

Our compute hardware is operated on the Akamai Global Cloud Network by Linode. This provides us with access to the most modern AMC EYPC processors in multiple geographical zones. We also leverage their highly-available Object Storage.

CDN Partner Features

QUIC Banner Lite

Friendly Bot Allowlist

CDN Edge Addresses - Updated daily.

  • Caches complex dynamic content with private cache and ESI support.
  • Supports WooCommerce and bbPress.
  • Automatically performs targeted purges based on WordPress events.
  • Provides advanced Layer-7 DDoS protection.
  • Under abnormally high traffic conditions, CDN-level reCAPTCHA kicks in to challenge non-Trusted visitors.
  • Native HTTP/3 QUIC Support
CDN-West CDN-Central CDN-East CDN-Canada
Seattle, WA Dallas, TX Newark, NJ Vancouver
Portland, OR Denver, CO Charlotte, NC Montreal
Fremont, CA Chicago, IL Atlanta, GA Toronto
Los Angeles, CA Kansas City, MO Orlando, FL  
San Diego, CA   Miami, FL  

Bandwidth Overage Fees do not apply to CDN; Online Services use Vendor Credits. 20 Credits = 1GB Bandwidth.

Plan Bandwidth/Credits Service Supports
Standard Plans 5GB / 100 Credits Best-Effort queue priority
Premium Plans 1TB / 20,480 Credits Expedite queue priority while credits last.